IT Specialist

Device Configuration and Management

Coming Spring 2022


LearnKey’s Networking course is an excellent entry-level certification course for those looking to gain a network certification and increase employability prospects for any junior to mid-level networking career. This course covers, in detail, these networking aspects: networking fundamentals, network infrastructure, networking hardware, protocols and services, and troubleshooting. This course is also a solid precursor to other networking certifications, most notably the CompTIA Network+ certification.

Network Security

LearnKey’s Network Security course is geared toward those looking to learn basic operating system security fundamentals. This course will also prepare students to take and pass the Network Security exam. The four main topics covered in this course are: defense in depth, operating system security, network device security, and secure computing. This course will also improve employability prospects for those trying to gain an entry level IT support/desktop position with some basic security knowledge requirements.


LearnKey’s Databases course is an introduction to building, entering information into, and querying databases. The course also provides a solid introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL), the primary language used to get the desired information from a database. This course helps one get ready to take and pass the IT Specialist Databases exam and will help one’s employability prospects in any job requiring querying and junior database administration skills. Specific topics for this course include Database Design, Database Object Management, Data Retrieval, Data Manipulation, and Troubleshooting.

HTML5 Application Development

LearnKey’s HTML5 Application Development course, a course in the IT Specialist series, expands on the knowledge one gains in the HTML and CSS course and JavaScript course from the same series. Advanced web design and development concepts, such as application lifecycle management, graphics and animation, forms, layouts, and JavaScript coding are the main topics in this course. This course and subsequent certification is the next logical step up for someone wanting a career in web design and development.

Software Development

LearnKey’s Software Development course is a solid introduction for those looking to understand programming concepts and practices better. While not geared for any specific language, the course focuses mainly on C# and SQL. It goes through core programming concepts, software development principles, object-oriented programming, web applications, and databases topics. The course material maps to the objectives of the IT Specialist Software Development Fundamentals exam. It is a good next course for anyone who has taken LearnKey’s Introduction to Programming course or has equivalent knowledge.


LearnKey’s Java (INF-304) course is excellent for someone wanting to learn how to code in Java, a powerful object-oriented programming language. This course will also help students get ready to pass the IT Specialist INF-304 Java exam and improve employability prospects for any software development position requiring Java coding skills. Specifically, this course covers Java fundamentals, data types and variables, flow control, object-oriented principles, and compiling and debugging code. These concepts are covered through simulating writing code for an online store, thus adding a real-life scenario to this course.


LearnKey’s JavaScript (INF-302) course is an excellent course for those looking to gain valuable introductory JavaScript skills. Topics covered include: learning about JavaScript operators, keywords, and methods, using variables, data types, and functions, implementing decisions and loops, interacting with the DOM (Document Object Model), and interacting with forms. In all of these topics, students will clearly see how JavaScript is used to enhance existing webpages. Furthermore, this course covers the material on the INF-302 exam, and will help anyone looking to improve their employability prospects in the areas of designing and building webpages.


LearnKey’s Python (INF-303) course covers Python, a very versatile programming language which can be used to power websites, build games, and even program hardware. This course is also an excellent course for someone new to programming, as many of the topics covered are basic programming topics which carry over well to other programming languages. Specifically, this course covers data types and operators, decisions and loops, input and output, code documentation and structure, troubleshooting, and modules and tools. The course topics directly map to the INF-303 exam and will help anyone looking to improve their employability prospects in Python and for programming jobs in general.


LearnKey’s HTML and CSS course is an excellent course for those looking to gain employability skills in the area of web development. The material covers the objectives on the HTML and CSS exam, putting a solid entry-level certification well within reach. Specifically, the course has two distinct parts: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which includes HTML fundamentals, document structuring, and multimedia presentation, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which includes CSS fundamentals and styling webpages. Then, the importance of accessibility for both HTML and CSS is introduced.